No Third Party Affiliates

Please note that OMS does not have any Third Party Affiliates that recruit on our behalf.  If you are interested in our program, please contact us directly. 

We appreciate all the referrals from our previous clients.  Please remember to place their name as the referral.  However all applications are to be submitted directly to OMS.  


Position Available 

Captain - Pilot will fly various crafts.  Will have one base location after training for deployment.



  • FAA Medical Certificate

  • 1000 PIC Hours Preferred

Are you a pilot interested in U.S. citizenship?

To address a pilot shortage in the U.S., OMS recently launched a program to recruit experienced foreign fixed wing pilots with a minimum of 1500 documented flight hours to work in the U.S., and in the process, be eligible to receive a green card for themselves and their family members.


For more information, please complete the Pilot Inquiry Form.


We are currently accepting Pilots who already have their FAA ATPs in hand.  You may still apply if you have not obtain the license yet, but only those with the FAA ATP will be interviewed at this time.