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Our Story

Since our inception in 2002, Overseas Manpower Solutions (OMS) has placed thousands of talented nurses, physical therapists, truck drivers and pilots from all over the world in quality organizations throughout the United States.  With our roots in healthcare, OMS has replicated that initial success by creating innovative foreign recruitment programs in the Aviation and Trucking industries helping well-known companies minimize their staffing shortages by matching them with highly skilled qualified professionals from abroad.    In all of our industry segments, OMS successfully completes the immigration process for over 99% of its recruits while managing all aspects of a candidate’s processing once our client extends a job offer.   We look forward to doing the same for you!

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To be a valued and consistent source of highly qualified and talented foreign workers for U.S. clients operating in industries which are negatively impacted by critical staffing shortages.  



To continue innovating in the field of foreign recruitment by identifying industries and companies whose businesses can benefit financially over the long term by incorporating foreign worker recruitment into their overall recruiting mix.    

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