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Commercial Truck Drivers Sponsorship Program

To address a driver shortage in the U.S., We have launched a program to recruit experienced commercial drivers to work in the U.S., and in the process, be eligible to receive a green card for themselves and their family members.

Recruitment Steps

Based on your hiring criteria, OMS actively recruits truck drivers for your company.

OMS truck drivers commit contractually to work for your company for 3 years.

OMS handles immigration processing, travel to the U.S. and coordinating deployment to your selected worksite.

Our office will provide step-by-step guidance to our clients and recruits throughout the process.

What Do We Do?


We source and vet qualified truck drivers worldwide to move to the US. You interview and make a final hiring decision and we handle the rest.


Growing your truck driver pool to ensure driving schedules are covered. We alleviate your shortage by completing the immigration process for a dedicated pipeline of approved drivers.


We understand the hesitation to undertake a long and notoriously unpredictable immigration process. Our model requires zero upfront fees/costs.

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