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Since our inception in 2001, Overseas Manpower Solutions (OMS) has placed thousands of talented and compassionate nurses, physical therapists, truck drivers and pilots from Brazil, India, Bangladesh, South Africa, UK, Canada, Mexico and the Philippines in quality organizations throughout the United States. And working with us couldn’t be any easier. We manage the entire process for our candidates, including training, exams, licensure, immigration, travel, and assistance in settling in the U.S. Whether you’re seeking a nurse, physical therapist, truck driver or pilot opportunity in the U.S. or are a company in need of talented professionals for your organization, Simply let us know and we’ll handle the rest!

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 Overseas Manpower Solutions (OMS)  made all my dreams into a reality. I know what it  feels like to be in your shoes. A few years ago I was also trying to find the right company who would sponsor me in the United States of America, being a 2003 graduate it was very hard and most of the agencies would require you to have a contract that’s way too long not  to mention the pay is low that you feel that its barely enough to take care of your needs. But we all know that our goal is not just to take care off our needs but also to take care of our  family. That being said OMS made sure that my transition would be smooth.


The moment I  signed my contract they are the one who took care of my flight, housing, review, reimburse my credentialing and most importantly my immigration paper. Starting a life in a different country with all things new to us is so hard but I am thankful to OMS specially Ms. Elizabeth Tran. She made a review program that will motivate you and  provide all the resources, taught us the do’s and don’ts once being deployed and even offered her own car to pass the DMV examination. I would say all of us in the OMS family owe so much to Ms. Tran and all of her support staff. The guidance doesn’t end after deployment;  there is always a follow up after each deployment making sure everything is good. All things sound too good to be true. I would personally say yes they are a good company that I am testifying all the good deeds they made not only for me but all other Filipino therapists. I recommend this company as they gear towards helping us without taking advantages. I can say that OMS is my second family.  What makes the company unique is as more PTs
deploy through OMS it  becomes a larger network of friends and family that you can always rely on to help you.

There’s no word to describe how thankful I am with OMS especially to Ms. Elizabeth Tran. 
God Bless to everyone.

—  Harold Boy P. Cacao PT, DPT, New York and New Jersey State

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2201 NW Corporate Blvd

Suite 108

Boca Raton, FL 33431

(954) 785-8252

Office Hours: 

Monday - Thursday: 7am - 3pm


Appointments available for specific services:

  1. Aviation: Tuesday and Thursday

  2. Trucking: Monday and Wednesday 

  3. Healthcare: Monday and Wednesday 


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