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Aug 04, 2021
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A leaked flier for NBA 2K22 appears to reveal one of the upcoming basketball game's covers, or at least for the Legend Edition. NBA 2K22 cover athlete leaked, as 2K Sports looks to continue momentum from having the first next-gen basketball title on consoles. With LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers being sent home last week, we guest the developers at 2K Sports are ready to start sharing information. A few days ago, it was revealed that Dirk Nowitzki would be the cover athlete for NBA 2K22. According to a new leak on Reddit (which has been confirmed as legitimate by reporter Jason Schreier) Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki is said to be appearing as the cover athlete on NBA 2K22. Although not outright stated in the leak, Nowitzki will likely be appearing on the Legend Edition since he is no longer an active player. Nowitzki himself retired back in 2019 and is widely considered one of the best power forwards to ever play in the NBA. However, the athlete may only be gracing the cover of a single edition of NBA 2K22. While the leak may be founded as correct if and when the game's cover is announced, fans are uncertain whether Nowitzki will be NBA 2K22's only cover athlete. Because Nowitzki had retired from active play in 2019, fans suggest the athlete may only be featured on a Legend Edition if the leak is indeed true. If fans remain skeptical, there may be evidence that points toward the 2K leak being concretely valid. In addition to the leak about Dirk Nowitzki, a report from last month by Heavy points to Luka Doncic as the main pick to be on the cover of NBA 2K22. Doncic had previously been revealed as a cover athlete for the NBA Live series by EA Sports, but this new report indicates he's broken away from that deal and signed with 2K. It further states that Doncic was frustrated with the stagnation of the NBA Live series, and it would make perfect sense that 2K Sports could pull him away if they offered the Cover Athlete spot on NBA 2K22. While this is still unconfirmed, all signs point to Luka Doncic and Dirk Nowitzki taking center stage when NBA 2K22 is released later this year. If you are a fan of NBA 2K21, you can know the importance of NBA 2k21 MT. To enhance your adventure, you are recommended to buy Cheap NBA 2K22 MT Coins at , cheap, safe, fast, 24/7!


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